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Get smokefree for 2021 ...the Butt stops here!
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“The book was great! But I’m still smoking.
How would a clinic help?”
Stopping smoking isn’t about cigarettes out of your mouth. It’s about getting cigarettes out of your head. - Allen Carr
Easy half day session
Just one £299 payment
No vapes, pills or patches
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Sun Aug 8, 1pm (Leeds)
Sun Aug 22, 1pm, (Manc)
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Sun Sept 12, 1pm (Leeds)
Saturday August 7th, 10am
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...the Butt stops here!
Easy half day session
Just one £299 payment
No vapes, pills or patches
Victory…it’s yours!
It’s 10pm. Another jubilant day has passed and not once did you think about your old friend, the cigarette. Instead, you just focused on living your life, navigating work, enjoying family time and dealing with challenges. You are fully in control.
After years of ‘knowing’ you couldn’t quit, you’ve now done so. In the end, it was quick and it was easy. You didn’t need patches or replacements. And you know it’s real because now, when you see smokers, you don’t feel envy, you feel pity. You’ve kicked your dependency and you are now a happy non smoker for good.
Are you ready to try this remarkable method of stopping smoking?
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You can be like these ex smokers
I highly recommend this
I highly recommend this, I have not touched a cigarette for 9 years now. Sarah, Clinic client
It certainly worked for us
Highly recommend this workshop. Myself and a friend attended 8 years ago and neither have smoked since. it certainly worked for us. Tracey, Clinic Client
This was the one that worked for me
I fully recommend this as on 21st September I celebrate a year smoke free since attending the course at the Hotel de France. Having tried many other ways, this was the one which worked for me. David, Clinic Client
No need to gain weight
No awful withdrawal pangs
No potions, patches or pills
Michael McIntyre “I’d recommend Allen Carr to anyone.”
Anthony Hopkins “Allen Carr has the route map out of the maze.”
Richard Branson “It worked for many of my friends and staff.”

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0800 077 6187
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Sun Aug 8, Leeds
Sun Aug 22, Manc
Sun Sep 12, Leeds
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